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 As you become increasingly familiar with the Montessori Method of education, you will discover how it supports and complements your child’s developmental needs, psychological characteristics, tendencies, and interests.


Dear Prospective Families,


We begin this journey with you, with a short introduction of ourselves.  We are all certified by the American Montessori Society.  Mindy studied Child Development and Montessori Education at the Michigan Montessori Teacher Education Center. Simone and Aubrey both studied at Adrian Dominican Montessori Teacher Education Institute.  


 We are excited to bring our passion and dedication for Montessori education to the Grand Blanc area.  We have found that the school community is what truly defines a program.  Open and frequent communication is vital to that mission.  Please feel free to email us at or call the school during business hours.


Mindy Forsythe

"I am dedicated to maintaining an exceptional environment for your children."


Simone Culley

"Sharing my passion for Montessori and the wonder of childhood is an honor and privilege."  


Aubrey Forsythe McDermott

"I am endlessly thankful for the opportunity to teach the future leaders of tomorrow."  

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