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Our Philosophy

The tenets of Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education practiced at Grand Blanc Montessori include:

·   A holistic approach to education

·   Mixed age groupings

·   Ungraded work

·   Active engagement and movement

·   Individual and group instruction

·   Long uninterrupted work cycles

·   Integrated Specials

·   Child-paced schedules

·   Dynamic teaching materials

·   Flexible and diverse spaces 

·   Carefully prepared dynamic learning environments

Our Mission

Grand Blanc Montessori guides

students to mastery of essential

academic skills, an inner

disciplinary drive toward

self-fulfillment and actualization

while allowing the ongoing

development of each child’s

imagination and creative abilities.  Grand Blanc Montessori nurtures the whole child in a prepared environment based on respect, individuality, a love of learning, and freedom with responsibility. 

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