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To celebrate the International Day of Peace, Grand Blanc Montessori participated in “Sing Peace Around the World” along with more than 100,000 children from over 60 countries. This historical event first took place on September 21st, 2009, when the Montessori world came together to celebrate peace.


For Montessorians, practicing peace and kindness is an important cornerstone of the method and world view. We strive every day to express the Montessori values of peace, grace, and courtesy in some way, and the International Day of Peace is the perfect time to focus on peace in the Montessori classroom.


For 24 hours the voices of children will sing for peace. Peace in our governments, peace in our neighborhoods, peace in our homes and peace in our hearts. For one day we will sing one song, and for just one moment, all of us who want and love peace will be one.

Peacefulness, kindness, and tolerance are all values that every Montessori student learns and lives. The International Day of Peace is simply a wonderful reminder that by working together and enjoying our lives and each other, we truly can change the world for the better.

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